Told you so … oh, no, hang on. Ahem.

July 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Right, let’s have a look at those predictions, shall we?

Group stages.

First the good: 12 out of 16 from the groups. Excellent. And nine of those in the right position as well. Small back pat.

And the bad? Well, that’d be mostly France and Italy, really. Indeed, I had France down as a relatively dark horse for this one. Yes, I thought, Domenech’s a buffoon, but there’s some genuine talent there, and if they can harness Gourcuff … well, turns out they didn’t even want to pass to him. To be fair, I should have known better than to invest any of my hopes in Sidney Govou.

As for Italy, well, Pirlo’s thigh robbed them of any midfield creativity, and up against a lot of players who ran around quite a lot, they looked incredibly old and tired, even the young ones. Plus, Pepe’s cack. My other incorrect tips – Cameroon and Serbia – suffered respectively from the inability to beat Denmark and the inability not to give any blindingly stupid penalties.

My other big mistake was predicting England to finish above the USA, and so secure themselves a relatively easy route through the knock-out stages. Oops.

Second round.

Well, of the three ties I predicted, I got two of the results right: Brazil beat Chile, and Spain beat Portugal. I had Mexico beating Argentina, and I maintain in the face of all the evidence that they would have done had they not been so infuriated by that comically poor offside decision. However, my other dark horse tip, the USA, turned out to be a load of bottling chickens instead, so meh to them.


Well, at this point it all kind of falls apart.  Brazil to beat Netherlands, I confidently thought, and so they did. Unfortunately for me (and for all that is good and pure in this world, apparently), they only did for the first half, and only managed to score one goal in the doing so. Shipping two in the second – you can see why nobody marked the 5’7″ bloke, but really, sort it out – wasn’t in the script.


Yes, alright. One out of four.


Well, I got the winner right, and, while it wasn’t a particularly brave prediction, it was the most important one. So we’ll call that a win, yes? Excellent.


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