The Week That Was

January 20, 2012 § Leave a comment


Oh, Pepe!

Some things that I read and quite liked this past week …

AFCON 2012

The African Cup of Nations starts this weekend, which is quite exciting, unless you’re Roberto Mancini, in which case the persistent Africanness of your African players becomes just another contributing factor to that nervous twitch you’re gestating. (It’s not visible yet. But it’s coming.) My occasional paymasters at SB Nation Soccer are profiling the teams and some of the more notable players, while Roker Report have looked at some of the less well-known participants. And those brave souls at Lovely Left Foot, who will be covering the whole shebang, have made some predictions.

More specifically, the Guardian have published interesting pieces on Zambia, whose participation is overshadowed by their tragic history, and Libya, who have their own, much more recent history to be contending with. Alex Ferguson — probably not that one — wrote a fascinating piece a few months back for In Bed With Maradona, on the rise of co-hosts Gabon. “Meteoric”. Meanwhile, Jonathan Wilson did his best to harsh everybody’s buzz by wondering whether African football is even progressing at all.

Other random stuff

An interview with Mike Calvin, author of Family, for the FCF. Their post Clasico reflections are also worth a look. (Couldn’t be arsed with the accent there. Sorry, Spanish.)

A look at Manchester United’s finances by Andrew Green.

The return of the Magic Spongers podcast. Warning: contains northerners.

John McGee (for the Two Unfortunates) takes a sympathetic look at the MK Dons, because he doesn’t care what you think, the maverick.

The kits of Euro 2012, from Mao Football. Croatia rocking it again, oh yes.

On the Edge of Sanity. Archiving football’s most nonsensical nonsense.

And finally a video, which you might well have seen already, but fuck you, you’re not paying for this. Cricket. Ouch. Have a good weekend


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