The Week That Was

January 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Jose Mourinho

There’s no Clasico next week. This is extremely sad-making. But we must make do. Anyway, of all the pre-match hand-wringing and the post-match breath-catching, the best piece — in my ever humble one — was this on the FCF, explaining why Pepe is the wrong kind of violent for Real Madrid. While you’re there, have a look at this gallery of Jose Mourinho pictures. He was 49 yesterday. Happy birthday Jose!

Liverpool signed Stewart Downing on the basis of a fake video. No, really, they did. Seriously. Presumably they signed Andy Carroll on the basis of this.

All of which buffoonery leads neatly onto this piece, by Alex Netherton for ESPN Soccernet: Moneybollocks.

The Bad Photographer takes a look at the snobbery surrounding Darren Bent, and England’s perceptions of England’s players.

One half of the Magic Spongers gets all hot under the collar about the notion of refereeing consistency. Warning: contains picture of H****d W**b.

Away from football for a moment, Meredith Alexander was, until recently, one of 13 commissioners on the board of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012. But on Wednesday she resigned in protest over the £7m sponsorship deal between the Games and Dow Chemical, who still have outstanding liabilities relating to the 1984 Bhopal disaster. Once you’ve recovered from the shock of somebody in British public life doing something principled, you can read her reasons here. (While I’m on the subject, Indra Sinha, an Indian novelist, wrote this novel about the disaster. Well worth a look.)

Dow’s name, incidentally, will be on a wrap around the stadium. A wrap. I can’t think of a single better metaphor for this country’s blind rush back to Thatcher’s shrivelled bosom than a fucking corporate snood.

Staying away from football, this piece by Brian Phillips on Grantland is wonderful. In 1810, Tom Molineaux, a freed American slave, fought Tom Cribb, the idol of early English boxing.

Finally, some heroism. On Wednesday, Equatorial Guinea — ranked 151st in the world — beat much-fancied Senegal 2-1 in the African Cup of Nations. But the highlight wasn’t the winning goal, great though it was. It was this. Sergio Busquets, Pepe, watch and learn …

Have a good weekend.


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