The Week That Was

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

The transfer window, eh? Not with a bang, nor even a whimper, but a gentle click of mutual skintness and prudence. Premier League clubs being sensible? Lunacy.

Anyway, the tragedy in Port Said overshadowed everything else this week. Initial reports that this was ‘just’ a straightforward, if unusually large, slice of football violence have been generally placed aside — see this piece on Whispers From A Seeker — and a more complex story of political vengeance is beginning to come out. The New York Times’ Lede Blog collated the emerging story in video clips, articles, and tweets, while the excellent (and oh-so-aptly named) The Turbulent World Of Middle East Soccer wrote this on the political background of Egypt’s ultras. A writer at Soccer Politics blames Egypt’s current ruling body, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and Moacir P. de Sa Pereira’s piece on the parallels between ultras and Anonymous/Occupy is also interesting. Finally, here’s the peerless Dave Zirin from last year, on the role the ultras played in the revolution.

Some other stuff? Who Ate All The Goals wrote this on the problems with the media getting things wrong. (Includes ‘The Magdal Busuv Affair’, which is always a fun story to revisit.)

Ruud Gullit Sitting On A Shed, which I only discovered this week, not only has a magnificent name but wrote this, last year, about an episode of 6-0-6 from November 1992. Best read in the company of the Guardian’s preview of the 1992/93 season (or, the First Season of the Premier League, or The Day The Football Died).

Over on SB Nation, Calum Mechie did some words on the magic of the FA Cup. He found some! Hero.

And on Cartilage Free Captain, Kevin McCauley, with some help from a dead bloke who wore a sheet like it was actual clothing, learned to love the transfer window.

Good corporate man that I am, here’s some stuff from the FCF. Ethan Dean-Richards explains Jack Wilshere’s mysterious injuries, and a revisit of the Goal of the Season line-up for 1983/84. Includes that Glenn Hoddle goal against Watford, which you can never watch too many times.

Finally, I’m going to start putting the things that I write at the bottom of these, because I was asked to by a couple of people too lazy to use Google and too self-respecting to use Twitter. So, for the FCF: What are footballs really made of?

Here’s Ivan Zamorano singing the Chilean national anthem. Have a good weekend.


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