The Week That Was

February 24, 2012 § Leave a comment


I do still find it slightly disappointing that his first name isn’t Edison.

Panic on the streets of London! Wenger in/out! Andre Villas-Boas in/out! Ooooooooooh, hokey-cokey! Ahem. Here’s Iain Macintosh on ‘Arsenal in c****s’. Calum Mechie reckons that both Wenger and Villas-Boas are victims of tactical circumstance. Meanwhile, Barney Ronay gazes longingly toward “the undimmed, and even austere, majesty of Cole the footballer”. That’s Ashley Cole. Aye, that one.

When Ryan Rosenblatt closes his eyes, he sees Jose Mourinho at the World Cup …

One of the most questioned/questionable results in World Cup history — Argentina 6-0 Peru, 1978 — has been in the news, as allegations surfaced that the match was thrown in exchange for the transfer of thirteen political prisoners. Pegamequemegusta isn’t convinced.

And staying in South American, Jack Lang has a look at third-party investment in Brazil.

John McGee gets all cultural for the Two Unfortunates, thumping a tub and singin’ a revolution.

It’s Denis Law’s birthday. The FCF has pictures and song.

And finally, in the nothing to do with football department, you can listen to a stream of the new Dirty Three album on the Quietus. Take a moment to admire the hair in the photo as well.

Things that I’ve written this week: Roy Keane, Comedy Genius; England’s Euro 2012 Excuses; and a Carling Cup final sort-of preview for ESPN. Here’s James Corden interrupting Hitler (h/t @AmhRichardson). Have a good weekend.


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