Twisted Blood was a football blog. Then it was an archive of stuff I write elsewhere. Now it just sort of sits about, gathering dust, with only the occasional new post when I can’t persuade anybody to pay me for something. Tight-fisted bastards. No appreciation of art.

See ‘TB Elsewhere’ down the side for links to external pieces written up  to 2 December 2011; other pieces up until 10 August 2012 are linked as pieces. Fresher stuff can be found on SB Nation, Football365, The Score, and various other places. See ‘Archive’ for old blogposts, and the other links for other stuff, including the world-shattering ‘Through Gritted Teeth’ series and Maxwell Kuhl’s excellent ‘Swan Songs’.

You can contact me by email, twistedbloodblog [at] gmail [dot] com, or on Twitter, @twisted_blood. However, two things. One, I very rarely check this account, so if you want an answer within some kind of time-frame, Twitter’s best. And two — this is important, as I don’t want you wasting your time — if your email concerns advertising, link exchanges, syndicated content, buying the website, offering contributions, etc., etc., then the answer is “no, thanks”, and you’ve already had your answer.


Andi Thomas


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